Robert Spurgeon Wood gallery
Oil paintings

Westmoreland and Mirosa
Medway race 1968

12.5''x18.5'' Price 420 framed

Aboard Westmoreland
20''x16'' Price 250

"Jess and Florence"
Hulks at Pinmill
14.5'' x31'' Price 400 framed

"You won't want that stays'l today"
14''x29'' Price 450 framed

"Chapman Light"
9.75'' x16'' Price 400 framed

The lee pump
Westmoreland off Clacton 1970
16.5'' x19.5'' Price 350 framed

Lee rigging
Diptcych, views from forward and aft.
23.25''x 30.75'' Price 350

' The Grapes ' Limehouse
Arrow 1954
9.5''x 14.5'' Price 350 framed

Dawn running
Medway Race 1969
17''x23'' Price 400 framed

Albion Dock

Up River

Down River

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